Your New Favorite Craft Beer Is Just A Sip Away

Micro brews and small batch beer are quickly gaining more popularity. The momentum in beer lovers choosing tastier and fuller brews has created an entire industry of especially made craft beer. Lovers of beer have a variety of choices and flavors to choose from not seen in any other period. As a result, the industry has exploded and the amount of choice at your local store can be staggering. Don’t worry though, your new favorite brew is just a sip away with this guide.

1. Various beer types

Beer has many different types depending on the fermentation process, how much alcohol it contains, and some other specifications. Ales are full bodied brews that tend to include flavors and spice and may end with a finish of strong hop flavor. They are robust and can come in many different varieties such as Mild, Bitter, Pale Ales, Nut Browns, and many more. Lagers on the other hand are quite different. Most of the popular beers that are mass produced are lagers- which is a German word for ‘to store.’ These brews are crisp and refreshing as a result of being stored at near freezer temperatures for several months. They usually have a smooth finish but can come in darker varieties and unique flavors as well. Then we get to stouts and porters. These are the darker thick beers made with a top fermenting style, they are brewed with roasted malts to give extra aroma, color, and flavor. Stouts are very similar except they are usually not as sweet and do not use malted or roasted barley.

2. Beer Styles

In the way of styles there are many to choose from so you can select the right drink for the occasion or match perfectly with a meal. Ambers are some of the most versatile beers and may have malt or caramel flavors. They come in lager or ale types. Blondes are a very pale and clear beer that tend to be dry with crisper flavors and mild sweetness. Browns are just that, brown or amber color with chocolate or caramel flavors to give it its darker hue. They can have a surprising citrus brightness to them or be strong malty and nutty.

3. Where to find them?

Many local breweries are creating their own variants of micro brews. Regionally there are many different styles of even 1 type or style of beer. The best place to look for these beers is at a store with a great collection or to check out some of the local breweries operating in or around your town. You can even book an informational tour and taste test their newest flavors. Also, restaurants are now commonly brewing their own beer and making it available through food pairings, much like wine. Even more so, cinema breweries have popped up allowing you to sample the freshest and original brews your prefer while sitting back and enjoying a quality movie.

Get out there and try the brews being made around you locally. You won’t regret it.