How Many Types Of Beer Are Available To Drink?

Keep reading to know more about 23 different types of beers.

Originally liquor made from an infusion of malt by fermentation, as opposed to beer, which was made by the same process but flavoured with hops. Today ale is used for all beers other than stout.

It means “old”. A top fermented ale, rich, copper-colored and full-bodied, with a very firm, tannic palate, and usually well-hopped and dry.

Amber Beer:
It is an ale with a depth of hue halfway between pale and dark.

Barley Wine:
Dark, rich, usually bittersweet, heavy ales with high alcohol content, made for sipping, not quaffing.

This is the driest and one of the most heavily hopped beers served on draft. The nose is generally aromatic, the hue amber and the alcoholic content moderate.

A strong dark German lager, ranging from pale to dark brown in color, with a minimum alcoholic content of about 6 percent.

Brown Ale:
They are malty beers, dark in color and they may be quite sweet.

This is a strong ale, dark in color, made with a proportion of highly dried or roasted malts.

Christmas/Holiday Beer:
These special seasonal beers are amber to dark brown, richly flavoured with a sweetish palate. Some are flavoured with special spices and/or herbs.

It simply means – “double bock”. A stronger version of bock beer, decidedly malty, with an alcoholic content ranging from 8% to 13% by volume.

A wheat beer, lighter in body, flavour and alcohol strength.

Ice Beer:
A high-alcohol beer made by cooling the beer during the process to below the freezing point of water (32 degree Fahrenheit) but above that of alcohol (-173 degree Fahrenheit). When the formed ice is removed and discarded, the beer ends up with a higher alcohol-to-water ratio.

India Pale Ale (IPA):
A generously hopped pale ale.

This is a West German ale, very pale (brassy gold) in hue, with a mild malt flavour and some lactic tartness.

Malt Liquor:
Most malt liquors are lagers that are too alcoholic to be labelled lagers or beers.

A malty, pale lager distinguished from the darker, heavier Munich Dark beers by the term “dunkel”.

Oktoberfest/ Maerzen / Vienna:
A copper- colored, malty beer brewed at the end of the winter brewing season in March.

Pale Ale:
This is made of the highest quality malts, the driest and the most highly hopped beer. Sold as light ale or pale ale in a bottle or on draft as bitter.

These are delicately dry and aromatic beers.

A darker (medium to dark reddish brown) ale style beer, full-bodied, a bit on the bitter side. The barley (or barley malt) is well roasted, giving the brew a characteristic chocolaty, bittersweet flavour.

This is a beer brewed from roasted, full-flavored malts, often with an addition of caramel sugar and a slightly higher proportion of hops. Stouts have a richer, slightly burnt flavour and are dark in color.

Sweet stout:
This is also known as milk stout because some brewers use lactose (milk sugar) as an ingredient.

Wheat Beer:
A beer in which wheat malt is substituted for barley malt. Usually medium-bodied, with a bit of tartness on the palate.

I hope you enjoyed to know about different types of beer.